November 30, 2015

My Red Dwarf Regency Dress

A little while ago I picked up some spotted voile at a good discount as there was a lot of water damage to the roll. After washing it I reckoned I could work around the discoloured patches that were left and use it to try out the Laughing Moon bib front dress pattern.

I chose the full gathered front and short sleeves. It's very close fitting, I think I'll use the next size up for the next dress, but overall I'm pleased with the result! I'm calling it my Red Dwarf Regency dress because I went through several series of it on in the background while making it and think I'll now forever connect the two! :)

The underbodice closes with three ties. Then the bodice front is secured over it with straight pins or a few stitches.

My plan is to wear this on one of the evenings of our annual Coopershill Historical House Party so that I can have triple helpings of all the lovely food with no corset to get in the way!

Only the bodice is lined and I'm wearing it over my tucked bodiced petticoat. I'm being very naughty and not wearing a shift as I need to make a new one that doesn't have enormous sleeves.

The traditional fashion plate wedgie pose

November 01, 2015

A Quilt For A Baby Girl

A dear cousin had her first baby recently, a little girl, and as everyone I'm close to has to suffer my homemade presents I decided to make her a quilt!

Although I've done a little quilting on various things in the past this is the first proper quilt I've made.
There is a lovely local quilting shop, Apple Tree Crafts, with delicious fabrics, going there is like going into a sweet shop! The staff are so nice, they even make you cups of tea to have while you browse! They gave me great advice and I came home with some lovely fabrics. The batting I used was bamboo.

I found a lovely hour-glass pattern and tutorial online here and originally as it was for a girl I was thinking of something similar colour-wise in pinks but in the end was drawn to far more gender neutral fabrics and I actually prefer that really. Who says you have to have pink for girls! And this way it will do for any future babies too.

The finished quilt!

I was a bit worried that some of the fabrics weren't densely enough coloured or patterned, the owl one really, as when paired with the white it got a bit lost. Plus the colours seemed rather dull for a baby when put together, but with the blue border and backing I think it came together well in the end and I'm really pleased with it!

I really enjoyed making this and can see how quilting can become addictive! I will definitely be making more in the future! :)