August 07, 2011

Currently on the table..

I originally started this blog for the Your Wardrobe Unlockd double pattern project competition, I didn't really intend to go on with it. I'm thinking however that I might try to update with some of the current projects I'm working on for anyone that may or may not be interested and for my own sake, to keep me moving on things!

Currently I have two commissions on the go, hopefully to get done by the start and end of September.
The first is for a black leather victorian corset with some pretty purple stitching detail. I've fitted one or two mockups so far and am happy with how it's coming along.

The second corset is also in leather but a little more detailed. We're including straps and buckles, a halterneck strap and some equestrian metalware! It'll be the first time I've made something with these details so I'll be doing a little figuring out as I go along but I'm doing my research and hoping it'll turn out well!

The third project is a white silk version of the blue Georgian stays I made for the competition. This is going to be for a local bridal boutique. There will be some modifications, I won't be using reed, I'll probably use artifical whalebone as that much steel would be really heavy but will be doing some experiments first as I'm not sure how much support it will give. A good friend who does *amazing* embroidery is going to be offering her services should a bride want that but this one will be plain. I really need it to be finished by the end of the month if possible so I have plenty to be doing!

I'll try and update regularly as I go along with these three projects and anything else that crops up! Meanwhile seeing as I don't have any interesting pics to share yet, I'll leave you with a taster of a post I'll be doing on a photoshoot I had recently of my clothing and corsets!

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