September 25, 2011

Photoshoot fun!

A few months ago I was contacted by a local photographer. She wanted to organise a photoshoot for her portfolio and wondered if I was interested in being involved. We had two very talented girls doing hair and makeup, two other models, myself and all my corsets and clothing and a great studio. Everyone was doing it for free for each others mutual benefit and portfolios. I had wanted some good photos of my work so it was a fabulous opportunity! Not to mention it was great to get some nice photos of myself  :)

The hair and make up was just fabulous! So artistic and fun! Here are some pics of the process..

When they started doing my hair I didn't know what it looked like, all I knew was that there appeared to be a lot of chickens going up onto my head! They stuck feathers to my eyelashes and my eyebrows and all sorts of things, I was a little worried! But I think it all turned out fabulously! Will post the pictures from the actual shoot tomorrow.

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