September 07, 2013

Blog Relaunch!

It's been a long time since I have posted here but I've decided to try and document my work again at least semi-regularly.

A lot has happened in the last two years, commissions have been taken and many outfits and corsets made for myself and others. I have been running regular classes in corset making and even started a historical costume meetup group!
Check us out:

With so much to catch up on I think I will be just plunging straight into what I am currently making and planning and will slowly catch up in between on past projects along with the odd gratuitous cat picture!

So without further ado....

The Natural Form Mink Silk Gown

I have been in love with the natural form silhouette for years and I'm now finally getting around to making such an outfit. I have 12 metres of silk earmarked for a recreation of this fashion plate.

The colour of the silk was rather suspiciously called "mink" though it is more a funny kind of pinky/creamy/salmony colour. Not sure what colour I would pair with it. I either love it or hate it depending on what light I look at it in but I think for this outfit it will look rather elegant! Plus it was on sale!

Slightly odd coloured silk..

As always when starting a new period the underpinnings come first. I am using the revised Natural Form Petticoat pattern from the excellent Truly Victorian and then modifying the Fantail Skirt pattern and 1880 Jacket pattern for the rest. The over skirt I will drape myself.

Have only got as far as cutting out the petticoat but might now take a leaf out of Tiger's book and curl up in front of the first fire of the season...

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